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Your story, your emotions, our images

A passionate Tuscany wedding photographer studio based in Florence

Creating images is a primary need for us; we can not imagine traveling without a camera or returning home without having taken a large number of pictures.

Why is a single picture so important ?

All those places and all those incredible moments we have visited and lived should not be forgotten.

What do we really expect from a picture?

It must make you relive that moment, bringing you back in time and to what you were feeling. Yes, feelings and memories… the only things that will remain indelibly imprinted in our minds.

Photographing your weddings started out as a challenge, trying to preserve moments from the best day of your lives, allowing you to live them again, and again. We consider ourselves privileged to be able to share with you such a special event. We are proud for the trust you will give us to capture your spontaneous smiles and tears, your warm hugs and deep gazes. It will be incredible for us to be part of such a beautiful experience, part of your overwhelming emotions.

We take amazing wedding pictures in Italy and other world destinations

Our love for photography began with our passion for travel and like every journey, our curiosity leads us to many discoveries. We like to observe, to understand and to know the persons we meet, creating a special connection with them, always respecting who they are.

SenzaPosa in Italian means “unposed” but also “tirelessly”.

We would take pictures of you without any posing only asking you to be natural and spontaneous, where only your beauty and your essence will be captured in our photos. We are happy to work tirelessly and to never stop experiencing surprise and excitement, capturing images through child like eyes.

Maurizio & Daniela

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