dressing up in your florence wedding

Dressing up, during your wedding day, is a moment full of emotions, both for the couple and for the relatives and friends. Sometimes you can breathe great calm, other times a bit of anxiety…it’s perfectly normal!

Based on the experience gained in our Florence photography studio, we want to help you with these tips ,”channeling” these feelings into positive emotions, to create good shots and create a pleasant climate!

1- The bride comes first.
Usually,  there are always many people doing their job while bride is dressing up: someone helping to wear the dress, an hair stylist, a makeup artist to assist even friends and relatives there. The first tip is to give precedence to the bride, to let her be ready in advance, having time to complete the rest of his preparation with calm and serenity.

2- Light is your ally.
At different stages of the dressing uo process, usually we ask bride or groom to move in a room with a good directional light, preferably near a window, taking advantage of natural light. What matters is not the quantity but the quality of light. A directional light, as opposed to a room lit up like a football stadium, will allow your wedding photographer to produce very intimate images, well lit and full of emotions.

3- It’s a matter of detail.
We like to emphasize all of those details that the couple have chosen with such care and passion, for their wedding day : dresses,  shoes,  jewelry, bride’s bouquet, groom’s buttonhole, hair accessories, cufflinks, tie or bow tie. This is why we always ask the couple to make them available for us, enabling us to create pictures our clients expect. Pictures of details and accessories, will be a wonderful compendium to the story of your wedding album.

4- The loved ones.
During dressing up, surround yourself with people you care about, try to get close only  to those who love you. Your parents, brothers and sisters, close friends : don’t be shy and involve them in your preparation!
It will be nice to pick up pictures of your sister putting the necklace, or of your mom engaging the dress or of your dad helping with your tie. These are really emotional moments and if shared, they will be even more attractive: energy and emotion will show through all the shots of your wedding photographer!

5- Respect your schedule.
Last but not less important, we always suggest to properly calculate time needed for the various preparation stages. Try to respect this schedule, helping not to increase tension and allowing you to fully enjoy these moments. It’s warmly recommended that the couple is set and ready a little in advance (at least 20/30 minutes) : you will have your portraits taken in your best shape, flanked by your loved ones, before heading out to your ceremony.

Daniela Demichele

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