Date – The first thing to make your dreams of getting married reality, is to reserve and lock your date: you need to account from 6 months to a year to properly organize everything. After this first step, you will need to focus on where you would like to set your wedding: at seaside, in Tuscany countryside, in any of Tuscany gorgeous cities like Florence or Siena. That said, start searching for the locations where you will celebrate your marriage and where you will take your reception : don’t get tired to move around until you will find those that completely satisfy you ! If the date you have chosen is still available , book it immediately and you will be right on track to achieve your dream! Many things still remain to be set (announcements, dresses, flowers, photographers, entertainment) but do not be discouraged, you still have time and it will be nice to share your organization ideas with the one you love.

You – A valuable advice is to make sure your wedding day will be about YOU, not about your parents, uncles, grandparents, relatives or friends. Of course you will need to take care of those who will attend your wedding party, but remember that on your wedding day, you will be the center of everything : leave aside guilt and compromises, and be satisfied of your choices !!

Timetable – The day will be long and intense; reserve enough time for moving from where you will get ready to your church, and from there to your reception venue. Most likely, after celebrating your marriage and immediately before your reception, your wedding pictures will be taken : consult your wedding photographer to properly schedule this photo session in order to have enough time without requiring your guests a long wait.

Locations – Choose your reception venue and your catering according to your taste and your needs, but make sure that they have the experience to handle the number of guests that will attend your event, and in case you’re planning an open air reception, be sure they can handle an unfortunate case of rain. Of course, it is important to try the quality of food before your wedding, and if you or some of your guests have special needs (celiac disease or severe allergies), make sure your vendors will be able to arrange things accordingly.

Photography and video – Rely on professional wedding photographers and/or videographers, able to make you feel at ease, making you protagonists and not actors in a scene that you do not want to play. That day will be beautiful but above all, you will need to be yourself, sharing your  joy and happiness with your loved ones and your friends, so make sure that your marriage does not become just a photo shoot.

Daniela Demichele

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