destination wedding in siena and san gimignano

When planning your wedding, you will face many choices that could lead, if not carefully evaluated, to catastrophic results and a long list of regrets. That said, try to avoid these common mistakes that too many couples do :

1 – Planning the wedding your parents want

Your families, should rightly be taken into account, but don’t plan a country wedding because your parents want, if you always dreamed to celebrate it by the sea.

Your parents will also have many friends you absolutely have no relationship with, and they would like to see them at your reception : only invite the people you love, do not risk to exclude someone you really care about, just to please your families.

You are mature adults and you are ready to celebrate “your” own wedding. You should not create tensions with your family, but try anyway, to let them understand your needs.

2 – Organizing a copy of any of your friends wedding

Every year, new trends are introduced in the wedding market: Photo Booth, Cigar bar, chocolate fountains…

Each of these details will certainly contribute to the success of your event, but each of them will cost you money.

Don’t believe to absolutely need some of these attractions, for the sole reason they were in the wedding of your friends: just make what you really love and add only those details that are, uniquely you.

We will never get tired to underline that every couple must live their own wedding, not that of others.

3 – Trying to “do it yourself” everything on your own

To accomplish something creative with your own resources, with your own hands, will help in adding that unique personal touch to your wedding, and it could also lead to a significant costs reduction.

But be honest with yourself, about your skills and time that you can devote to “do it yourself.”

If you believe you will be able to create on your own all of the wedding invitations, the fancy sweet-boxes, the floral arrangements, the tableau, the booklet of the celebration… and all the other endless details… you will get lost in a certain Nervous Breakdown, risking to get to your wedding day, tired and stressed out, with only the worst energies left.

4 – Not investing in a professional photographer

It’s out of question… we’re biased in saying this…

Photographs will be the only thing that will remain to witness and remember the emotions, and especially the people, you will have on your wedding day.

You will regret forever not having hired a professional photographer: to have a camera, to take pictures, it doesn’t mean doing photography.

This is really an area where you will get only what you paid for: if you will hire SenzaPosa, we will do everything, even the impossible, to create an unique wedding photography experience, delivering images you will love even after many, many years.

And if you will not go with us, the advice is still the same: choose a professional photographer!

5 – Making the event more important than the person you love

Too often we see brides that are almost obsessed by the organization of all the details of their wedding.

The long-awaited day will come and it will pass in a blink of an eye. The dress, the flowers, the reception and all the other details, will not matter anymore:  at that point, only the love you’ve celebrated and the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, will remain…

Maurizio Mannini


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