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Francesca & Marco – Montaione – Il Lago
Il lago restaurant Once again we found ourselves working for an event, which took place in a magical corner of Tuscany. Those lands who develops between Florence and Pisa. From 2012, we covered over a dozen marriages be... VIEW POST
Sara & Andrea – Wedding in Scarperia
wedding in Scarperia If I need to speak about what we commonly call "good guys", I need to speak about Sara and Andrea. And as professional photographers, having young, beautiful and brilliant customers, is definitely a g... VIEW POST
Irene & Giovanni – Mugello Wedding
mugello wedding in tuscany In every wedding, the events flow and repeat almost in the same way each time. Thus told, it would seem something of a mortal boredom and it would certainly be, if it were only fiction and there were ... VIEW POST
Maria Chiara & Matteo – Wedding in Montaione
perfect wedding in tuscany There are couples and weddings, so beautiful the first and so full of moments the seconds, that they would not need a great photographic knowledge to be told: this is the story of Maria Chiara and Mat... VIEW POST
Elopement in Florence
photographer in florence On a late September morning, I had the pleasure to shoot this elopement in Florence. Starring Jo Jo and Jeff, a couple of young Canadians, came to Tuscany to attend the wedding of a couple of their fr... VIEW POST
Theater Photography
theater photographer in tuscany Sometimes a long chain of events bring you to work in places or circumstances you never imagined. This story is the result of the unpredictability life often surprises us with. It 's the story of how ... VIEW POST
Fiorella & Luca – Wedding Photography in Fucecchio
There is a curious link between our business as wedding photographers and the city of Fucecchio, few kilometers away from Florence. Although I was born and lived in such a short distance, I completely... VIEW POST
Elisa & Cristina – Samesex Wedding Tuscany
gay wedding in tuscany photographer Last year, at the beginning of the summer, we were at Florence Pride Park with our booth,  happily meeting the talented wedding planner Maria Lo Re, who a few months later, put us in touch with Elisa ... VIEW POST
Ilaria & Edoardo – Chianti Wedding Photographer
wedding photographer in florence There are couples that with no understanding, are able to light a connection with us right from the first moment,  a mutual flow of energy, something that you can not explain in words, it's only a mat... VIEW POST
Francesca & Niccolo – Wedding in Florence
I always got a few remorse when I have to shoot for people I am bounded with by kinship or friendship. Will I be able to create something that is not influenced by my emotional involvement? Will the n... VIEW POST