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How to create the perfect black and white
If you are passionate about photography and you are in love with black and white, but your photos are flat and lack of soul, if you are looking for the holy grail for a whitish white and a deep bl... VIEW POST
Family photos and children growth
family photos on the wall How many ways we got to tell our children they are important to us? Every day, any of us displays our love for them in thousand different ways. Having breakfast together, exchanging a hug befo... VIEW POST
The best camera ever
sony a9 vs canon 5ds vs nikon d5 Whatever our work, we are constantly looking for the best tools to do so. If you are a driver you will look for a new car that is more enjoyable to drive, if you are a musician, you will look for... VIEW POST
I want the real ones
real pictures on paper As adults we lose a bit of our synthesis skills, we find ourselves using a lot of words to explain simple concepts or ideas, often loosing clarity. Children, on the other hand, have everything so ... VIEW POST
Emotions, we’re part of your story
emotions for an intimate destination wedding in tuscany Your emotions meet ours Everytime a couple comes out of our studio after the first presentation meeting, we already have some vibrations that make us feel whether or not we will be the photographer... VIEW POST
All in 1 second – Price and value
all in 1 second Lately, I often reflect on the value that photography, and wedding photography in particular, has today. The same reflection that probably many bride to be, are trying to translate into money, ... VIEW POST
Music and pictures
music and pictures for wedding We confess, we are two bastards! To move our couples (mainly brides...) we go full tilt, using a simple but always effective technique : music! Music supports our photographs in two important ... VIEW POST
The origin of species
photography evolution History is made of courses and appeals, human race shines for his lack of memory and tends naturally to repeat previously made mistakes ... Few days ago, with my great surprise, I came across a... VIEW POST
“Ganzo” as cool in photography
florence and tuscany destination wedding Out of the italian dictionary, "ganzo" or "ganza" means "lover figure", with a clear derogatory way. In Tuscany and Florence, these nouns, are commonly used as adjectives, with a much happier con... VIEW POST
Lightroom Midi Controller
using lightroom with a midi controller Warning: technical content ! For enthusiasts, newbies or even professional photographers ... and for all those brides who want to understand what happens to their photos after their wedding day! ... VIEW POST