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Claudia & Simone – La Fornace – Impruneta
Some weddings require a very long planning. We met Claudia and Simone in June 2016, when they were arranging their wedding, for the beginning of December. Although a winter wedding has a lot of charm,... VIEW POST
3 Reasons to hire a wedding planner
The professional figure of the wedding planner is known in Italy at least since 2001, with the movie release  "The Wedding Planner", wiht the beautiful Jennifer Lopez as a very busy wedding planne... VIEW POST
Colors in Pippa Middleton wedding
rose and green for wedding While not being a lover of gossip and celebrity life, I'm certainly not indifferent to one of the most anticipated weddings of this last period, the wedding of Pippa Middleton. Beyond the media... VIEW POST
Michael – Actor Portfolio
actor and model portfolio During a sunny Wednesday on November 2016, I spent a photography afternoon with Michael, a smart young man from Florence, who set himself in front of my lens, to create his new actor portfolio. Eve... VIEW POST
Are photography contests still useful ?
photography contests and awards Let's make it immediately clear : until last year, I never participated to a photo contest. It was a choice founded on a long list of false motivations: "I do not have time for it," "I do not thi... VIEW POST
Neekita & Mehul – Honeymoon
Last April 19th, immediately after Easter holidays, I had the pleasure of taking the following images of Neekita and Mehul, a young couple from Chicago. Neekita and Mehul celebrated their wedding in ... VIEW POST
How to create the perfect black and white
If you are passionate about photography and you are in love with black and white, but your photos are flat and lack of soul, if you are looking for the holy grail for a whitish white and a deep bl... VIEW POST
Family photos and children growth
family photos on the wall How many ways we got to tell our children they are important to us? Every day, any of us displays our love for them in thousand different ways. Having breakfast together, exchanging a hug befo... VIEW POST
The best camera ever
sony a9 vs canon 5ds vs nikon d5 Whatever our work, we are constantly looking for the best tools to do so. If you are a driver you will look for a new car that is more enjoyable to drive, if you are a musician, you will look for... VIEW POST
I want the real ones
real pictures on paper As adults we lose a bit of our synthesis skills, we find ourselves using a lot of words to explain simple concepts or ideas, often loosing clarity. Children, on the other hand, have everything so ... VIEW POST