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SenzaPosa featured on
What a great start for this week ! Our pictures from the wedding of Chiara and Francesco, have been published on, and we are really proud of it ! You will be able to read ... VIEW POST
SenzaPosa featured on WeddingEssentials
destination wedding in siena and san gimignano We are really proud to announce that another of our wedding reportage in Tuscany, the wedding of Francesca and Marzio, has been featured on the american website WeddingEssentials from the Omaha Wo... VIEW POST
A photographer self portrait
ferdinando scianna Recently I read a book by Ferdinando Scianna, " A photographer self portrait " which recounts of his path in photography, from the very first contact with the camera, to his greatest successes and... VIEW POST
Colleoli Farmhouse in Tuscany
The first time we made a photo shoot in this location I was not present, since I give birth to our daughter Sonia...but Maurizio was extremely impressed by Colleoli farmhouse. A... VIEW POST
In front and back of the camera
in front of the camera Needless to say, a photograph is made by the photographer and not by his camera. But I want to add, that at least in wedding or portrait photography, a photograph is made even by those in front o... VIEW POST
The moment of truth
happy bride with wedding album If you live wedding in first person,  like bride and groom do, you will have spent whole days to imagine it right down to the smallest detail. And even the photographer, prepares and constantly e... VIEW POST
Countryside wedding vs city wedding
countryside wedding in tuscany If you are starting to dream the day of your wedding, you are probably asking yourself if it is better to plan a countryside wedding or to choose your town as the main location for the most import... VIEW POST
Graphistudio – Factory of dreams
graphistudio ceconi castle Chronicle of our visit to Graphistudio - 4th and 5th December 2015. Christmas awaken in me ancestral memories, bringing me back to a magic childhood world, made of surprises and above all, of d... VIEW POST
We landed in…Japan !
17/06/2016 japan wedding Our world is getting smaller, always connected and even a continent away, they speak about our wedding photography! This morning we woke up with a big surprise, Silvia and Rossano wedding repor... VIEW POST
Tuscany – A dream wedding scenario
tuscany for dream wedding photography If many couples from abroad, each year plan to visit Tuscany or Florence to celebrate their's not a pure coincidence... In our wedding photographers workflow we constantly receive ... VIEW POST