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Our first steps and our love for photography
It all started by chance ... like most things in life, these happen even if you don't plan them! I always like to travel and the best way to bring back home something more than just memories in... VIEW POST
The importance of printing your wedding photos
florence wedding photography Let's face it: how many times we looked at those wedding photos from our parents wedding and who knows how many more, we will grab their album, that smells of aged leather and paper, trying to ima... VIEW POST
5 tips for the best dressing up pictures on your wedding day
dressing up in your florence wedding Dressing up, during your wedding day, is a moment full of emotions, both for the couple and for the relatives and friends. Sometimes you can breathe great calm, other times a bit of's... VIEW POST
Black and white or color in your wedding album?
tuscany destination wedding photography What kind of photos will go in your wedding album? Black and white pictures only, color ones or a combination of these? We look at mother nature in color, we dress with colorful clothes and we... VIEW POST
Irene & Lorenzo – A Tuscany wedding in Gropina
This time of the year our work is in full swing and fortunately thanks to our brides, we are able to discover new locations, churches and landscapes and even better, these locations and churchs re... VIEW POST
How to get the best wedding group pictures
Let's admit it, wedding group shots are not always fun neither for those who participate nor for those who must take them, and on that basis the result is usually not exciting nor so creative ... ... VIEW POST
SenzaPosa featured on DWHA Magazine
tuscany destination wedding photography With immense proud, SenzaPosa Photography Studio will be featured in the November / December 2015 issue of the prestigious British magazine "Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Abroad". DWHA Maga... VIEW POST
5 tips to plan your wedding
Date - The first thing to make your dreams of getting married reality, is to reserve and lock your date: you need to account from 6 months to a year to properly organize everything. After this fir... VIEW POST
The creative process of our wedding albums
I've never sewn a tailored suit and I have no idea on how to do it, I can only imagine all the different steps needed to make it happen: it all starts with an idea, you create a model, take measur... VIEW POST