wedding in italy

… stop, we have not hidden ourselves in their luggage, we didn’t go to harass our couples during their honeymoon …

I always believed our work of photographers provides us many privileges, not least to travel following our brides during their wedding day, but also being able to do it only with our imagination, listening to their travel stories.

In our normal workflow, we call our couples around six / eight weeks after their wedding, inviting them to come back , to collect proofs of their pictures, to review the first draft of their album, and to choose the materials that will compose it.

This proof meeting, always takes place after the return of our couples from their honeymoon and, before showing them a slideshow of their pictures, we usually sip a cup of hot coffee together and I can not resist asking them, details and feelings about what they lived so far away.

All of our brides, and I mean all of them, never pull back from sharing their stories, launching them into a flight of emotional memories, delighting us with informations we treasure, for the sheer pleasure of knowledge, but also to collect ideas for our future trips.

As well as our photographs remain over time as the only memory of their wedding day, in telling others the stories of our trips, we can repeat those experiences again and again, and again : true joy is shared !

Only this year, starting from our beautiful Tuscany, leaving our amazing Florence, we flew with the imagination of our brides in Madagascar, United States, Seychelles, Colombia … making an imaginary trip around the world in less than twenty minutes!

And we can only be thankful for these spontaneous and passionate gifts from our couples :  life is beautiful in photography !

Maurizio Mannini

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