countryside wedding in tuscany

If you are starting to dream the day of your wedding, you are probably asking yourself if it is better to plan a countryside wedding or to choose your town as the main location for the most important day of your life.

Some brides will have no hesitation, but this choice can be a source of doubt and continuous rethinking for the most.
The advice is always the same: plan YOUR wedding and not that of someone else, make your choices based on what you like, try to please yourself and your husband to be, without getting influenced by the tastes of your family or friends.

To make some order in our minds, let’s analyze together what each of these solutions can offer, in order to take a serene and conscious decision.

City wedding

If you live in a city like ours Florence or in one of the many other wonderful towns in Tuscany, Italy or abroad, it will be an ideal place if you love the view of the streets and monuments, if you do not like to sink in the ground with your shoes and if you do not like flies and insects, showing up at your reception despite not having received your invitation!

Setting your wedding in town, will allow to add rhythm to your wedding pictures, collecting the sound and the lives of people who flock diligently through the streets and having you portrayed in the mirror of the many shop windows.

The city will offer dynamic moments out of its day by day life, you will meet people in the street who will not fail to surround you and make you their best wishes, sharing moments of unexpected warmth and sympathy and why not, adding some gags for your wedding album!

Countryside wedding

On the other side, if you love to stay away from the hustle and you dream of wide open green spaces, if you dream to look at your loved one in the silence, being able to hear only birds singing, a countryside wedding will be your perfect fit.

You will take advantage of sunset light on the horizon, you will dine under the stars of a farmhouse or a castle in Tuscany, you will be able to create, together with your photographer, highly effective images in a panoramic setting where only the green, trees and nature will accompany you away from the crowds.

Your day will take on an ancient taste and your wedding will be remembered as a timeless classic, unaffected by the changing fashions and trends.

Maurizio Mannini

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