I’ve never sewn a tailored suit and I have no idea on how to do it, I can only imagine all the different steps needed to make it happen: it all starts with an idea, you create a model, take measurements of the person, you choose a fabric and you begin to realize it all, trying to create a beautiful dress that “fits like a glove”.

Why do I talk about clothes and not of photography ?

Because we want each of our wedding albums to be custom tailored, since like a dress, they go through these creative phases.

The first idea borns from our couples first meeting, who share their choices with us, letting us know how they will arrange their wedding (announcements, sweet-boxes,locations…).

But the final idea comes out from the wedding itself: we look at predominant colors, at the style chosen for the table and for the details, trying to understand if our brides love a minimalist style, or shabby-chic one, a luxury one, an elegant one or a rustic one, or if they have chosen any other leading theme for their event; this allows us to photograph, at least in part, with the album in our minds.

Back in Florence in our photography studio, we grow in the awareness of what has been their wedding and we try to tell the story, their story.

Crafting Wedding Albums

The main purpose of each wedding album we deliver, is precisely to describe their most important day: showing details, moments, strong emotions experienced, by them or by the people they love. Of course, what ultimately comes out is a bit our point of view, but we strongly believe that if a couple chooses SenzaPosa, it’s because they take a tune with us, allowing them to have confidence in us, accepting that to tell their marriage are our eyes and our sensitivity.

For this reason we believe that every album needs to be tailored on THAT wedding, THAT couple, respecting and giving value to the trust given to us.

After choosing the photos to be included and their wedding album, we dedicate to the most creative task. We make decorations or graphics to use, inserting a reference color to customize each page.

Then we go through the choice of materials : first the inner paper, then the cover and the box that will contain the album, always trying to propose a style coherent with their wedding.

Thanks to Graphistudio, the Italian company that prints and manufactures our handcrafted albums, we can offer the wedding couple a variety of materials without equal.

Graphistudio shares our same vision, treating every album as a single piece of art.

Once the design is completed and before submitting files to Graphistudio, once more we meet bride and groom, sharing ideas with them, trying to achieve a final result that above all, reflects their taste and sensibilities.

That said a SenzaPosa wedding album, as well as an important dress, must be a product of haute couture, nor too tight, not bulky : you will be proud to show it to others !

Daniela Demichele

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