On a late September morning, I had the pleasure to shoot this elopement in Florence. Starring Jo Jo and Jeff, a couple of young Canadians, came to Tuscany to attend the wedding of a couple of their friends.

Planning to visit Tuscany, Jo Jo contacted me to make some photographs, using Florence as a magnificent backdrop. We only had a brief exchange over email, meeting and knowing each other in person right on the morning of our shoot. Since they remained in Florence only for two days, it was not possible to do otherwise, despite I always prefer to have a real meeting with my subjects before any shoots. The challenge was to break the ice, put Jo Jo and Jeff at ease and create good images in just two hours.

A casual walk in Florence

On their side, the two young Canadians have been collaborative right from the start. But I do not deny having had any trouble breaking Jeff’s wall of shyness. Fortunately, after an hour of relaxed conversation during our a casual walk, Jeff finally lowered his guard, coming in tune with me and my camera. We reached all the main attractions in the heart of Florence. From the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore to the Uffizi Gallery. Passing through Ponte Vecchio to Piazza Santa Croce and Piazza della Repubblica. And we also had enough time to share a coffee in front of Bargello museum!

A natural born model

Each and every time, I can not fall in love with the brides I work with. And with Jo Jo has really been love at first sight!
As soon as she left the door where she was staying, she struck me with her elegance and ease. Even though she works in the financial market, Jo Jo has a natural talent as a model. Her smile and grace have contributed to the success of this elopement in Florence, which we are glad to present to you right below.

Maurizio Mannini

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