emotions for an intimate destination wedding in tuscany

Your emotions meet ours

Everytime a couple comes out of our studio after the first presentation meeting, we already have some vibrations that make us feel whether or not we will be the photographers for their wedding.

Call it a sixth sense, a subtle perception that has nothing explanable, but this intuition is almost always correct. The first meeting is more than enough to understand if we will have the pleasure to follow you in your “journey” or not. It’s not magic, but only the confirmation that in the relationship between the photographer and the couple, the most important thing is trust and those positive emotions  created right from the start.

Of course, this spark it does not always turn on, but this not means our photos will be of lower level or that our work will not be of the same quality; but if something special born between us and you as a couple, then our photographs will be able to transmit the emotions we will breathe, since us as photographers, will rejoice and thrill with you.

Emotions – a story of mutual trust

During the first meeting, besides showing our photos, presenting albums and talking a bit about us and how we work, we especially like to know the couple. We love listening to the organization of your wedding, making us happy to share our experience. We like to suggest other vendors and suppliers since we have met so many of them during these years, and maybe we know the ones who perfectly fit your needs. In short, it is important for us to be part of your story, to live the wedding day in the most serene possible way, with you.

As we always repeat, we photographers are the only vendors that will be present throughout the day during your wedding: from the dressing up to your cake cutting and dances. Always there, ready to capture the most beautiful and significant moments of your party. Our presence needs to be “welcome”: great wedding pictures are always made together, by those who are in front and behind the camera.

We like to be unibtrusive throughout the event, non-protagonist but observers, this is our way of working; it will be great to watch you smile and rejoice, weep and embrace, sing and dance, freezing every moments with our images, to make you taste them again for the rest of your life, and these pictures, we are 100% sure, will speak and scream even louder, if your emotions will meet ours.

Daniela Demichele

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