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It all started by chance … like most things in life, these happen even if you don’t plan them!

I always like to travel and the best way to bring back home something more than just memories in your head, is to take pictures.

Once I met Maurizio, the passion for travel and for photography, became contagious. In 2011 we were asked to be the ‘official’ wedding photographers of a dear friend in Florence. Our intention was to accept to make her a gift, but as soon as we delivered our work, we realized this bride made an even bigger present to us!

First steps

She opened a rich and stimulating world for us, challenging us in this new wedding photography path.

Pictures in her wedding album are pretty naive, at that time we were not completely in control. Five years ago, everything was a new experience for us and now, looking at that wedding album makes us smile, but our friend were happy and we too, knowing we gave everything we could !

We had a world to learn, but despite all, we were thrown in this new adventure by the trust of our customers and by our strong will to succeed. In the following years we shooted more and more weddings, widening the circle to other friends, then acquaintances, and finally to real customers: the dream came true, our business took flight!

Summed up in four rows, this path seems even too easy: on the contrary, a mountain of work lies behind, with falls and ascents, with successes and mistakes, spending a lot of energies, plenty of training courses, long hours of practice sessions, but also a great desire to grow and improve !

This spirit always lead us, it guides us as  photographers, and first of all, as human beings: you had to live out of your confort zone and never think you know everything. Only a constant growth and a constant change, can make your dreams come true.

Maurizio and I are different, and different has been our growth and training path: Maurizio got a technical background, while I got an artistic one. Two very different approaches to wedding photography: one rational, one more instinctive. But this diversity completes us, allowing us to collect these memories our customers expect in their wedding albums.

Both of us love wedding photography and we both love taking images with a story to tell.

But our main satisfaction doesn’t come out from beautiful images only. We chose to be wedding photographers cause we love staying with others, sharing such an happy moment and such an important day for the newlyweds. We are pleased to cradle our couples before and even after their event, taking care of them and crafting “their” wedding albums, with “their” colors and “their” unique style.

We are really proud when we are asked for advices on their wedding day, also on topics that are not strictly photography related, letting us to really touch their trust : our customers always deserve nothing less than our best and our unconditional thanks !

Daniela Demichele

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