in front of the camera

Needless to say, a photograph is made by the photographer and not by his camera.
But I want to add, that at least in wedding or portrait photography, a photograph is made even by those in front of the lens.

The couple/photographer relationship is crucial for the success of any wedding photography service, especially if the final goal is to tell a story and not just an exercise of technique or style.

Behind the Camera – The photographer

Owning a professional grade camera kit provides the comfort of being sheltered in the most difficult conditions, particularly during an event in which you will not have a second chance. But there is no camera body, lens or photography gear able to take a good photograph alone: ​​the experience and the vision of the photographer are still necessary.

And even in the opposite direction, I can say without fear of contradiction, that a great photographer will be able to create amazing pictures, even with tools that are not professional at all. Magic is made by the magician, not by his  wand.

I’m not in a position to give advice to anyone, but I can share a certainty that I have gained: better to invest in our own training and professional development than in photographic equipment. In the letter as a photographer I will write this year to Santa Claus, I will definitely ask for books and to attend at least one workshop, rather than a new lens or camera body.

In front of the camera – Bride & Groom

For us it extremely unusual to cover a wedding, without having met the bride and groom first.
To our way of telling a story, it is essential to introduce ourselves, know each other, understand each other.

The totality of the couples we photograph are artisans, clerks, doctors, lawyers, certainly not professional models: once in front of our cameras they will be stiff, awkward and uncomfortable, if  we will not be able to first establish trust and complicity with them.

We will never get tired of emphasizing that the choice of the photographer who will document your wedding, can not be guided only by a quote or an email : if you want to save in pictures an indelible memory of your wedding emotions, put the calculator on the table and run to personally know your photographer.

Being at ease in the presence of the photographer will allow you to appear natural and relaxed, instead of sentenced ones in front of  the firing squad!

If we will be able to dissolve any embarrassment, to shorten the distance, you will express yourself in such a beautiful day. Let emotions to freely flow among you, let joy explode and do not keep smiles and hugs for yourself.

A genuine interaction is essential to move from ordinary to extraordinary wedding pictures : we will be ready to tell your story, you will be true protagonists.

Maurizio Mannini

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