gay wedding in tuscany and florence

On May 11 Italy has recognized civil unions.
For the first time rights and duties of heterosexuals or homosexuals couples, who want to record their coexistence, are regulated by a law, recognizing basic rights so far denied, letting our country out from a dark medieval era.

It took years and tough fights to get this result.
Everyone is free to have their reserves, their political and religious belief; mayors are free to argue according to their conscience: personally I rejoice and welcome this measure.

Finally, the story of so many special people, will be celebrated and told.
I’m so happy, first as a human being , then as a citizen and not least, as a photographer.

Gay wedding and same sex wedding – A photography story

I’ve never experienced photography as a cosmetic exercise, I do not care about a photography that is not made up of people. The images I love the most, and I don’t speak only of those I personally take, tell stories and tell stories of men and women who love, who love each other, who live and transmit emotions.

Despite themselves, many homosexual couples have experienced tensions and discomfort, often relegated to live their relationship in the shadows: we can now bring to light, in the light of photography, many new stories to tell.

Over the years I have met and known a growing number of homosexuals. They were and currently are my neighbors, they were my working mates, and I’m still lucky enough to call many of them friends. I do not know if it was just a matter of luck, among them I only found profound, brilliant and respectful people, respectful of others and of a world that on the other side, often had no respect of them.

A gay wedding is no different from any other wedding, and certainly, there are no differences in the pictures that can tell its story. There are two people who love each other, there are their friends and their families, there is a reception and an happy party, with smiles and hugs that we document in every  single event we photograph.

The light does not discriminate, the light is not homophobic, light envelops everything and everyone, regardless of sex, race or religion.

Welcome civil unions and gay wedding, we are ready to tell all your stories.

Maurizio Mannini

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