The Original Wedding Book by Graphistudio

In a previous article we already discussed about the choice of relying solely on Graphistudio, to print of all our albums, for weddings, newborns and families sessions. We have already presented the Young Book, today we will talk about another amazing Graphistudio book.

Back in the 90′, Graphistudio has been the first company in the world to present a digital wedding album, the Original Wedding Book. This album is a timeless classic, offering luxury covers  and it can be completed by a coordinated slide-in case.

Behind its simplicity, it hides infinite possibilities,  with tons of different high quality papers , not to mention the insane range of customizations we can choose among, for boxes and covers. It’s an unique and exclusive product, entirely crafted by hand, in the best “Made in Italy” tradition, and it could not be otherwise, since each album differs in thickness and size, depending on the materials it’s made of, requiring meticulous craftsmanship , to create and deliver to the newlyweds, an object of absolute quality.

“Personalization” is the key word of each Graphistudio album, and is also the philosophy that guides the work of SenzaPosa. What we always try to achieve, and what Graphistudio helps us to realize, is an album that reflects the style and personality of each married couple.

Every marriage suggests to design a very specific project, choosing each time different colors, materials, styles and graphics; we will then create wooden cover albums with laser engravings, with spine and back made of the finest Sequoia leather,  or we will  be able to create a completely different looking books, with metal covers and woven fabric back, using bright colors such as turquoise or lime, for a total creative freedom.

The bride and groom can “play” with us, shifting colors, combining all of the different materials and taking care of  layouts and graphics, to create nothing less than an unique product, as unique is every married couple we serve.

Daniela Demichele

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