destination wedding in tuscany

Nikon D810 – 80-200 mm f/2.8 at 200 mm – A 1/400 sec f/4 ISO 280

This wedding picture was taken during one of our creative wedding portrait sessions, a 30-40 minutes long timeframe during the wedding day, where the bride and groom are aware of our presence, creating together an essay of guided shots.

Despite being a “posed” picture, what I appreciate the most is its spontaneity; in its simplicity, this wedding picture is properly planned, caring for composition and weights balance.

Bride and groom are placed at the edge of the first panel, according to the rule of thirds, allowing you to focus on them.

Even aperture has been purposely set, to bring out the couple from the background that fades into the distance, creating a beautiful bokeh, typical of the lens I chose.

Similarly, the position of the bodies is not accidental, they create a diagonal that gives a strong dynamism to this image, a movement from left to right, guiding the eye  toward the faces of the couple.

But what in my opinion, makes this photograph to really stand out, is the true emotion that shines through the expressions and the looks of the couple: we only asked them for a hug, one behind the other, and everything else is born alone.

A beautiful wedding in Tuscany

A lovely look, a spontaneous smile, a stolen moment of complicity and intimacy, are the elements we love in this photo, and that’s what we always try to capture, in any of our pictures. Irene and Lorenzo were married in Loro Ciuffenna, in the countryside, the heart of Tuscany, in the beautiful Pieve di Gropina.

Daniela Demichele

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