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Let’s admit it, wedding group shots are not always fun neither for those who participate nor for those who must take them, and on that basis the result is usually not exciting nor so creative … so let’s try to find a way to make them nice in every sense.

Having your bridesmaids perfectly dressed sharing the same style and color scheme, will greatly improve the final result, and of course same considerations are valid for groomsmen.

The first thing that usually “disturbs” group photos, is the random set of colors of your guests.

Having your wedding party dressed this way will be a great help for your wedding photographer, but it’s not always possible or feasible: let’s try at least to suggest your guests to wear a detail of the same color, trying to create something uniform.

Wedding Group Pictures Perfect Recipe

Another tip for nice shots, is to portray people who are really happy and not just miming a smile on the occasion; groups with parents, relatives and friends freely interacting with the couple are welcome, allowing enthusiasm to flow, avoiding the traditional pictures “all in a row.”

This way, the picture will transmit those joy and enthusiasm that surrounded the couple.

If the groups are numerous, while keeping the couple in the middle of the action, you will need to avoid “the football team” configuration, eventually suggesting your guests to get slightly in profile, reducing the space among them, turning them toward the bride and groom, once again interacting and joking with them: the result is guaranteed, with natural and relaxed images that you will cherish for years to come!

Daniela Demichele

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