destination wedding car in tuscany

Why are we writing a post about classic cars ?
Although they are beautiful and very characteristic … there are reliable vintage cars and other…a bit less!

Classic cars have a vintage style, they come from a past that has gone long before us, they have come a long way and… it is pretty normal some inconvenience will occur.

A professional wedding car rent service

As Tuscany destination wedding photographers, we often got a direct contact with the car that will accompany the couple throughout their day; experience makes us recommend to rent a classic car only from reliable companies for example Autonoleggio Fast Car in Pistoia, avoiding privates or improvised ones who provide their own vehicle.

Usually a private owns only one car;  a company or an industry professional on the contrary, will have many vehicles available and in case of failure, they will surely got a “B” plan that a private amateur, unfortunately will not be able to offer.

We do not have any prejudice against those who put their own “vintage”car available for weddings, but many times we dealt with classic car issues and too many times we’ve seen brides understandably upset and disappointed about that.

Over the years, we have seen a wide collection of disasters: classic car that won’t start their engine just one hour before celebration time, car struggling to keep a cruising speed above the 30km / h ( generating long queue on the highways…), drivers out of town with no idea where to go. More than once we have been forced to give a ride to the newlyweds with our car, because “official” car was unable to continue …

Unfortunately issues happen, but they can become a fun memory for the newlyweds, if properly managed. Marriage is a unique and unrepeatable event, there is no second take : we will never be tired to emphasize the importance of hiring, both for photography and for the rest of your wedding services, reliable professionals.

Bottom line: be free to choose a car that reflects your style, vintage and antique at your leisure, colorful and stylish as you like … but always make sure that those who will accompany you throughout the day, can guarantee maximum reliability and professionalism, even in case of failure !

Have a good trip!

Daniela Demichele

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