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As adults we lose a bit of our synthesis skills, we find ourselves using a lot of words to explain simple concepts or ideas, often loosing clarity. Children, on the other hand, have everything so clear in their mind and they can explain in a blink of an eye what they want, they can immediately be understood.

Everything is crystalline for them … no need for streams of words … they are amazing!

I’m telling this story since few days ago, our little princess Sonia (3 and a half years old) during one of her homely afternoons, was looking for something interesting to do, so her daddy (Maurizio) asked:

– Sonia, would you like the idea to look at some photos of our travels in Berlin and Copenhagen, since I completed working on them ?
– Sure !!! – she replied with her usual enthusiasm

So Maurizio took her in front of the computer, switched it on, and ….
– Dad ! I WANT THE REAL ONES ! – Sonia said

She completely blew us away.
She added nothing but this, with clarity to envy.

Real pictures

And in our adult minds, an overwhelming river of words flooded to explain this basic concept: computer images are just images, REAL photographs are printed, the ones you can touch with your fingers.
This short family story, has confirmed once more the importance of a printed product, whether it’s an album, a collection of photos, or anything else.

Printing a photo makes it real, it lets you to taste a moment once more, and if we captured it, it was just because it was important to us, and as such we believe it should not die inside an hard drive or an USB key.

Paper virtually exist from the origin of times, and has always been the best way to preserve a memory, a thought and even a picture, a real picture, and we truly believe in prints. And if the technology goes so fast, there is no guarantee  a usb drive will be still used in 10 years or so : but an album or a printed  photo will stay there forever !

… of course, after this accident with our little Sonia,  we printed all our holidays pictures and now everything is available as a real printed book on her bedroom shelves!

Daniela Demichele

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