In every wedding, the events flow and repeat almost in the same way each time. Thus told, it would seem something of a mortal boredom and it would certainly be, if it were only fiction and there were no people, real people.
People make every wedding, something unique and unrepeatable. And even this one is no different, a story of a Mugello wedding, in Tuscany countryside, simple and unique.

We can always find motivation in every wedding, something new, a “first time”. This was our first time in a completely candid wedding. No portrait session, no posed photography, no interference from us.
Only documentary photography, without filters. Moments stolen from behind the scenes or, as the great master Cartier Bresson would have said, “a la sauvette”.

Coming back to our studio at the end of our service, Daniela and I looked at each other disconsolate, with the regret of not having taken any of our “signature” images. We had the unpleasant sensation of having accomplished a lame service.
But after some days, when the emotional detachment allows you to have a more objective opinion, we have decidedly reconsidered our initial position.

Photographing for our customers

After all, this had been the will of the spouses. To let the events unfold spontaneously, without any interference. Irene and Giovanni, have consciously chosen not to have a portrait session. They firmly believed that it would have stop the flow of emotions, disrupting the simplicity they wanted for their wedding. During the culling process, we noted the lack of those “eye candy” images, often made more for us photographers, than for the spouses. But frame after frame, we found ourselves working on a story made of emotionally strong images. Pictures full of meaning, true images.

We will remember this Mugello wedding, as an event where people have been themselves every moment. Where families and especially children, have been undisputed protagonists.
We will remember this wedding, as the one that taught us that it has to be photographed first for the spouses, then for us. We will remember this wedding, as the one that taught us a good photograph is made with what you already got, right in front of you, without the need to necessarily add something to it.

Thanks Irene and Giovanni. We will treasure what has been learned on your most beautiful day.

Maurizio Mannini

Church :  Santa Maria in Olmi – Borgo San Lorenzo – Florence
Reception : Tenuta Ferracci – Borgo San Lorenzo – Florence

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