music and pictures for wedding

We confess, we are two bastards!
To move our couples (mainly brides…) we go full tilt, using a simple but always effective technique : music!

Music supports our photographs in two important moments: when we make a first preview trailer of pictures, few days after the wedding, to be shared on social networks, to live once more all the emotions from the wedding day, and when we deliver proofs in our studio, along with the first draft of any album layout.

In both cases music is very important for us, since it creates a magical atmosphere able to awaken with pictures, the great emotions experienced by our spouses.

We always experience great satisfaction when, upon delivery of our proofs, turning on the light after the slideshow, we see the bride has bright eyes, a clear sign our images have hit her,  moving something inside.

Music and pictures – Sounds in our photography

Background music play a decisive role in our photography, to make our work appreciated right from the beginning. For this we pay particular attention to the relationship between music and images, trying to create a magical alchemy able to  involve you from the very first seconds.

For any of our preview trailers, we use a library of licensed songs allowing us to share them online, always trying to find songs that properly represent the story, the wedding and the couple we portraied, songs able to call up the air we breathed at the party, whatever it has been : romantic, simple or lively.

During proofs delivery and album first draft preview in our studio, we have more degrees of freem in terms of music selection. Usually we go select “bigger than life” songs , who have a clear taste of an Hollywood soundtrack. We choose songs with a clear growing, involving you from the first moment, able to make everything bigger, to ensure that during those 4/5 minutes projection, the smiles and the warmth of hugs received on their wedding day may return alive.

For this we “borrow” music and its magic: for his ability to make everything exciting, to trigger memories of one of the best days of your life.

Daniela Demichele

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