christmas in wedding photography

… And we’re back to Christmas … but what is its meaning for us?

We know he will come, every year, at the same time, always on time, always true to himself, but never the same.
He always comes, we learnt this in our early age, but every time a hint of emotion teases our hearts.
A dear friend of mine call him “pure enchantment” … what a beautiful definition, outstanding, something that ease our pains and makes us able to fly away.

A New Christmas

For me Christmas is an exciting wait,
a fresh new start after a difficult test,
your need to make room for simple things.
He still make us wonder,
He is an important hug,
He is a kiss on your forehead,
He is a free and spontaneous smile.
He is a nice surprise,
He make you feel good inside,
He makes you feel at home somewhere,
wherever you are.

Live this XMas as you want, and make your Christmas special and unique, as you.
Enjoy the magic.

Daniela Demichele

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