nikon df for wedding photography

And then the moment to switch to a full frame camera body arrived,  even if I was working with pristine pro lenses, this upgrade became a need, finding myself to shoot more and more frequently in low light conditions.

So my Nikon D90 became my backup body, replaced by the new Nikon DF. A big step forward, really big!

On an early stage, I was fascinated by Nikon DF for its style and retro vintage look, but even later, reading about its technical specs, it was pretty clear for me this camera would perfectly fit my needs.

Its weight and small size, make it discreet and unobtrusive, a pleasure to wear, and even after a day long photo shoot, you will not get tired from its weight; the ideal tool during our wedding photography services, and a perfect travel companion, but it also shines in any studio setup.

With its impressive 12800 ISO, Nikon DF allows you to take pictures in extreme lighting conditions, with an amazing ability to properly focus in almost dark conditions (… you will still need a small light source to help in total darkness…).

Its 16MPixel resolution, produces excellent quality files, allowing extreme crops. At the same time, if compared with the Nikon D810 36MP sensor, it produces light weight files you will easily manage in Lightroom, without slowing your workflow.

But it got some minor weaknesses too…

In order to keep its vintage appearance, Nikon has removed the standard camera side memory slot, placing it at the bottom: SD card and battery coexist in the same bottom compartment, with an opening not so “fast” to be accessed, preventing you a quick sd/battery replacement on the fly.

In my opinion, its slim hand grip is the other weak point, with a questionable ergonomics, specially for ones with big hand , making it not very handy in certain movements, getting your hands tired after a prolonged use.

Apart these small inconveniences, do you want to know whether  I will suggest this camera for wedding photography ?

Yes, Nikon DF is an amazing camera, sturdy and perfectly built, an impressive piece of electronics and mechanics. The quality of its pictures is stellar, offering great power in a simple and basic layout, with a nostalgic feel taken from film camera.

You need to hear the mechanic “clac” sound out of its dials, while adjusting aperture or shutter speed…a real pleasure for your ears!

Daniela Demichele

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