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SenzaPosa Photography Studio offers to any bride to be, albums produced by Graphistudio, an Italian company leading the wedding album industry, a company we work actively with, since 2012.

We have chosen to print our albums exclusively with this great company, cause like us, they firmly believe in the importance of top notch customer service  and high quality products, made with love in the traditional Italian style and refined craftsmanship, giving us the ability to custom design amazing albums to fit any bride needs.

We offer many different Graphistudio digital albums to our brides, with a wide range of materials, shapes and sizes.

During the last two years, a new Graphi album has been a real game changer,  collecting a huge success among our brides : the YoungBook. This album, as its name may suggest, is really new, different from any other wedding album we have ever seen.

Why this album deserve the adjective “young” ?

The YoungBook presents itself in a box with a minimal design; this box is not just an accessory, it’s part of the album itself, it contains the book completing it, two complementary objects that in their simplicity and essentiality of the forms, enhance each other.

The book does not have a cover, a “naked” block of paper, which makes its aesthetic, really slim and light.
The box opens up like a precious treasure, surrounding the album and creating a frame around it. An elegant satin ribbon is provided to pull the book out of the box, available in many colors,  adding prestige to the whole product.

Needless to say, the ways we can customize your album, are virtually endless. We have plenty of materials: from eco-leather, with a maple or alcantara effect, to soft touch cards, up to acrylic glass, in a wide range of shades, allowing infinite combinations for both the box and the album.

On box top, as well as on album cover, you can also add graphic decorations, custom text, laser engravings or varnished ennoblements.

We can fully customize any YoungBook exterior, as well as its interior, crafting our custom designed page layouts to fit your style and wedding colors, allowing you to choose one of the many available papers to print your pictures on; Graphistudio offers many types of media, from photographic paper, up to metal ones or to fine art prints with the highest quality, and last but not less important, the incredible HD prints made out of Graphistudio Canon DreamLabo 5000 lab machine (currently only five machine of this kind exist worldwide, and Graphi got the serial number 004 !) .

In short, it will be a pleasure and fun to play with you to design and create your album, to tell your wedding story and to speak of you with personality…in your”young” style.

Daniela Demichele

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