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Many things need to be combined to make your wedding a beautiful and special one. Brides get their suppliers basing their choice on their taste, trying to respect their own budget. After all of these choices are done (locations, catering, photographers, DJs) every wedding becomes unique and different from the other, telling a different newlyweds story each time.

In our wedding photography experience, we had a direct contact with many wedding catering services, high quality ones, elegant ones, typical Tuscany cooking ones, but among many, one impressed us for its stunning service: ZenZero, a bio-catering company from Florence , managed by a young and passionate team.

An Original Wedding Catering

What makes them different from the many other services available?

First of all their attention for the environment, using dishes, containers and cutlery during cocktail hour, made from recycled and compostable paper. Then it comes the rediscovery of pure flavors, using wholemeal flour, oilseeds and cereals, with a pinch of authentic ethnic taste,  borrowing dishes from other cultures and, along with a careful presentation of the food, we can’t forget their friendly staff.

We worked with ZenZero Bio-Catering during a wedding in Florence in July 2015: cocktail hour was studied in detail, there were small finger food boxes,with bamboo toothpick, glass jars with various sauces and hummus, large jugs with flavored water, a pleasant relief during a Florence hot summer day!

Everything was presented on tables dressed in a perfect bio style, with hemp-colored tablecloths and touches of green, punctuated by food descriptions written on paper straw and by aromatic plants arrangements.

Even dinner was consistent with this style, providing high quality foods made from simple ingredients, with an amazing layout and nice accessories, with sand filled glass centerpieces and candles.

Beyond the above described  points of strength, we can not forget how pleasant it was to work with so enthusiastic people who really love their work, that with joy and simplicity, always communicate passion and high professionalism.

Daniela Demichele

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