candid wedding photography in tuscany

Our beginning was almost a bet… 5 years ago a dear friend of mine was organizing her wedding, and she was considering to move forward without hiring a professional photographer. I pushed her so hard to get one, aware that photographs are the only thing that remains of such an important day.

After many uncertainties, she decided: she would agree to have a photographer at her wedding… only if the photographer had been…me?!?

My camera has always accompanied me during any travel and during any important moment of my life, but taking “official” pictures during a real wedding, it’s a completely different scenario. I involved Maurizio in this crazy idea, and having him on my boat was the next step. Our friends had been advised, our result was uncertain… but they were confident.

Full of excitement and anxiety… we faced our assignment. Today, I smile thinking about the equipment we had: at that time, I had a Nikon D90 while Maurizio had a Nikon D7000, both equipped with as standard (not so fast and not so professional) 18-105 lens kit, with an additional slow Nikkor 70-300 zoom.

Our first wedding day

The wedding day passed so quickly, and after some initial fears (processionals, and other low light situations in church, had been a real pain!) we were able to manage everything with calm, even having a lot of fun. At the end of the day we were so tired, but somehow we survived and we were extremely satisfied about having been able to complete our assignment.

After a couple of months, we delivered our first wedding album; watching it today, we see many insecurities, many things we would have done differently and better, but at that time the result exceeded our expectations, and also those of our friends.

But the greatest joy was the awareness that something inside of us had moved, a new path we decided to follow with determination and professionalism.

Daniela Demichele

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