perfect details for a perfect wedding in tuscany

Let’s start from the idea that any wedding album has to tell a story, your story.
If you are trying to organize a perfect wedding, you’ll definitely care about every single detail.

For this reason we believe that in this story some crucial elements must be in place:

– The protagonists: you;
– The characters in supporting roles: your families and friends;
– A beautiful scene: your locations;

… and many other small items that describe and enrich that special moment.
All those little things that surround your wedding, are the details that you have chosen with care, you have actually made with your hands, maybe one by one.
I speak of flowers, tableau de marriage, menus, bouquet, place cards, cigar bar, favors.

Recipe for a perfect wedding: details that speak about you

Every detail is extremely important, cause it helps to make valuable your wedding, turning it into your perfect wedding. Details are also very interesting from a photographic point of view. And it’s essential to create images that remind these little”precious” things, made with passion, making them shine,  even making them protagonists of some pictures.

These details are so important, because they talk about you. You may choose a recurring color, for any of your accessories, or you can go for a theme that will rule the whole wedding.
And this choice, this color or style, shabby chic or country, rustic or minimalist, 70s or romantic, will be under anyone’s eyes and will speak about you!

So free your imagination, go for a wedding planner or have fun with DIY, do whimsical combinations and do not be afraid to create your own style.
We will do our best to make your choices shine in beautiful photographs, because even a small detail, will make a big difference!

Daniela Demichele

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