In our wedding photographers experience, we found many brides in Florence, Tuscany and Italy, who complain their special day flew away too quickly, without being able to savor it all the way.

Wedding day schedules are often too tight and don’t allow any couple to properly live those moments they dreamed and planned so long.

Weddings in Italy, are usually scheduled in three different ways as follow:

1) Marriage celebrated in the morning with a lunch reception only

2) Marriage celebrated in the afternoon with dinner and evening reception

3) Marriage celebrated in the morning with lunch followed by dinner or buffet in the evening

In all the above described scenarios, if we consider the time required for couple dressing up and their movements, it ends in living the day in “apnea”, with the couple failing to realize what is happening around, caught in a whirlwind of greetings and public relations, with no intimacy  for them.

Even your wedding photographer will suffer from a tight schedule, having no time to create out of the ordinary images. Moreover rush and tension will remove the most important part of your event : emotions.

So why not to consider a different way of scheduling your wedding?

Formula for a stress-free wedding

There’s a country in the world, where marriages are planned in a completely different way and not by chance, the most prominent wedding photographers come from there : Australia.

Australian couples have completely removed rush and stress from their wedding day, multiplying available time, living a day long party, where everyone is relaxed and smiling. Newlyweds have enough time to realize what they are celebrating, guests are amused and actively participate to all the phases along the day, vendors and photographers can take out the best of their work and services.

What’s the winning formula that will allow you to achieve a stress-free wedding ? It’s a really simple solution, as simple as little considered in the rest of the world: wedding in the morning and reception in the evening.

Bride and groom get ready early and celebrate their wedding in the morning, followed by drinks with friends and families, where they will relate to each other as long as they need, behind a glass of champagne or a coffee. Pictures taken in this relaxed atmosphere, are always full of emotions and expressions, testifying that “real” moments of joy are happening in front of the lens of your wedding photographer.

Guests are then temporarily left on their own while the couple will have all the afternoon alone, a valuable space to savor the first moments of the new family they just created, and followed by their wedding photographer, they will create amazing images, to be displayed in their wedding album for all the years to come.

Then it comes the evening reception: guests come back and are welcomed for dinner in the location chosen by the couple, having all the time in the world to turn on an epic party !

Not to mention that the couple will have a chance to change their outfits, with the advantage of keeping them comfortable and refreshed, adding variety to images taken during the event.

So, take it easy and let’s party !!!

Maurizio Mannini

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