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Let’s face it: how many times we looked at those wedding photos from our parents wedding and who knows how many more, we will grab their album, that smells of aged leather and paper, trying to imagine those moments when we were not there, looking for mom and dad when they were young …

Unfortunately, today brides don’t always pick up their pictures inside a printed wedding album,  for the false belief that it is more practical to get images stored in a DVD or on a USB pendrive only.

Sure, the room it takes is reduced and perhaps, even the costs of your wedding photography service, but how many times you will look at those photographs ?

We live in a time where thousands of thousands of snapshots (snapshots not photographs …) are taken every day, ephemeral, volatile, consumed in glance on the screen of our smartphone and then, forgotten forever.
It is no coincidence that even Google vice president, Vint Cerf, sees the risk of leaving behind us a “digital desert”, recommending to print those photographs we care the most (read complete article clicking this link).

Print : HowTo preserve your wedding photos

In the future, will our children or grandchildren still be able to open a USB key or a DVD, with technology running so fast ?
Our parents albums stayed with us for over twenty years, are we sure that after the same time, our personal computers will still be able to read a DVD or still have USB ports ?

[quote]a photograph exists only once it’s printed[/quote]

In our experience of wedding photographers in Florence and Tuscany, we truly believe that a photograph will continue to live and preserve emotions only if it is visible, tangible, only if we can touch it whenever we desire.

We always offer printed products or custom made albums to our brides, making every single wedding unique, not only in memories, but also in the object that will keep them alive for many, many years to come.

Size matters.

We Invite our couples to choose an album that is not only beautiful, but also able to fit their needs for space; a large photo or a big size wedding album, are a delight to the eyes and to the touch, but if spaces in your home are reduced, better to choose a slightly smaller sized product, to prevent your album to end up hidden in a drawer instead of showing itself in your living room, ready to be opened whenever you want…

Daniela Demichele and Maurizio Mannini


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