a wet wedding story under the rain in pisa

On 24th April 2016, we did a photo shoot for the wet, very wet wedding of Silvia and Fabio, in weather conditions that were far more favorable…
The wedding was held in the afternoon, in the heart of Tuscany, in Ponte a Egola in the province of Pisa, followed by a reception in the town of Vinci.

Needless to say, the countryside and the typical Tuscan landscapes we crossed were lovely, charming… despite the rain that accompanied us!
In the morning climate was uncertain, the sun kept coming and going; in early afternoon, immediately after reaching the couple to photograph their dressing up, the rain started to pour down and to keep us company… and no longer has left us.

How to handle the challenge of a wet wedding

What to do in these situations? As we wrote in a previous article, it is essential to have a plan B, and do not be afraid… we will always able to craft amazing pictures, with the same quality level.
Specifically, the photographs of this marriage have been taken outside a small church, on the road that brought us to the reception at the Calappiano Farm, in a 20 minutes timeframe while the rain stopped to annoy us.
We used a real simple stone wall as background and a beautiful cloudy sky for this portrait session… these elements , from a photographic point of view, are always very interesting.

Then we moved to the Calappiano Farm, where we were given the opportunity to make our shots inside an amazing cellar; a nice background with wooden barrels, a tiled floor  and a soft warm and friendly light.
In short, a beautiful location, which has cheered our couple and allowed us to achieve successful pictures, full of emotion.

Another 10-minute break from the rain and we were finally allowed to make shots outside, in front of the farm, where the wind was moving the veil of the bride and where a very contrasted sky, was the ideal setting for our couple, giving us the wider rage of outdoor shots we needed. With the right recipe, with a bit of craft, a splash of patience, enough improvisation and a sprinkling of luck, we brought home a great collection of images, leaving our bride and groom a beautiful day to remember, despite the rain that has persecuted them!

So do not despair, even if it rains, even if you will celebreate a wet wedding, we will be pleased to follow you (…getting wet too…), shooting ​​your special day, we will not miss any of your emotions and if your smiles will make us company, they will become our ray of sunshine!

Daniela Demichele

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