Last year, at the beginning of the summer, we were at Florence Pride Park with our booth,  happily meeting the talented wedding planner Maria Lo Re, who a few months later, put us in touch with Elisa and Cristina. After so many years, finally something start to move in Italy, and with the arrive of the first law about gay wedding, Elisa and Cristina have decided to officially celebrate their bond, in May. And we have been really happy to tell their story.

Whether it’s a straight or a homosexual couple, one thing is certain, you can understand a mile away if there is love, and Elisa and Cristina are really in love, beyond any label you can create for them.
Our story begins at the end of March at Holy Ink Tattoo Studio, where in place of the traditional rings, Elisa and Cristina have had a small diamond tattooed. After the civil ceremony celebrated in the Sesto Fiorentino town halls, we moved to a truly magical location. A few steps from our studio, 200 meters from the house where my grandparents lived for almost all their lives, there is a place I was completely unaware of. Villa il Paradisino, is really a corner of paradise, hidden in the green immediately out of Florence, where together with our brides, we were greeted with warmth and friendliness by the owners, who lead as a whole family this beautiful business.

And in the green of the Villa, Elisa and Cristina symbolically celebrated their wedding, surrounded by the group of their dearest people, delighted by a typical Tuscan aperitif and the dinner inside. And dinner was spectacular!
The owners of the Villa, in addition to taking care of the farm, the park, the reception and the rooms of their guests, actively works behind the stove, preparing delicious organic dishes: we were breathless in front of 1000 fresh handmade orecchiette pasta, the main speciality of our brides’ dinner.

After a cigar, a chocolate, music and dancing, we were happy to see the birth of this new family: best wishes girls, may life reserves you the bright future you deserve!

Maurizio Mannini

Wedding Planner: Maria Lo Re
Tattoo Studio: Holy Ink Tattoo Studio
Location: Villa Il Paradisino

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