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Each wedding is an unique event and so, it is extremely important not to leave anything to chance. This doesn’t mean that everything needs to take place according to a predetermined script, risking to stage a fake plot, without a single moment of emotion, those good emotions, that instead need to shine through out all of your wedding day.

The advice we always give to couples, is to rely only on professional vendors, each in their own area of ​​expertise, so you will not need to keep everything under control, being able to fully live and taste your wedding, with the certainty that everything will take place in the best way.

It’s so important to create a relationship of trust between each couple and their vendors, and this trust will arise only from the confidence each vendor is able to share about his unique skills, those skills every vendor must be put in place.

Wedding: the plan B

Together with professionalism, we believe it is always important to have a plan B ready. Everything during a wedding event can be studied and planned, but unfortunately, something will go wrong, requiring to be able to find an alternative, equally valid and of quality.

For us photographers, the most unpredictable variable is certainly weather, so we will scout each location for indoor spaces, where eventually shoot our images: we don’t need large rooms, a simple an interesting wall may be more than enough, as well as a particular chair or a wallpaper acting as our backdrop, and you’re done.

And in case of rain or bad weather, we can always create images outdoors, creating panoramic views in wide open spaces… since we always have umbrellas we carry for our newlyweds!

Do you believe pictures in the rain are not interesting? It couldn’t be farther away from the truth… an overcast and cloudy sky, creates beautiful effects of light, giving images drama and interest.

Having limited time, is another variable that requires a careful management by us as photographers. We always suggest our brides to reserve at least 40/50 minutes during their wedding day, to shoot what we call creative portraits. Unfortunately, in the vortex of the wedding events, this timeframe is often considerably reduced, limiting the ability to have a wider choice of pictures. In these occurences, we suggest to divide “creative portraits” in shorter sessions, about 20 minutes long,  while driving from the ceremony to the reception, for example, and then having another short session during lunch or dinner, for instance during breaks beetween courses, or maybe at the end of the day,  not to delay the development of the event: let’s the party move on!

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