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Things do not happen by accident… few days ago a book I had read in the past, slipped through my hands from the library  : “The Laws of Simplicity” by John Maeda; a small book full of ideas and thoughts for those who create and those who are simply curious ones.

It makes me smile to read it again now, for I have found among its rows the key concepts underpinning the way of working (and living) of SenzaPosa.

In his book, the writer present how to achieve simplicity in its pure form, discovering that many of these concepts are the same we share as human beings and in our way of doing photography.

REDUCE – The simplest way to achieve simplicity is through thoughtful reduction

It always happens to us: when we work on one of our album project, while we lay down an album layout and  we choose the pictures to be included, it always seems “poor” to us, offering few graphic details, and we tend to fill it with additional design; but when the first draft is over, and we look at it, we always end in: “There are too many things …!” and we start over removing things, simplifing the whole project.

ORGANIZE – Organization makes a system of many appear fewer

We like each of our finished product to be clear, clean, with no frills, minimal, since we firmly believe that without being excessive such an album can be enjoyed forever. Thus said, we are aware that even behind the semplicity of any of our projects or designs, the passion and care we put in will be evident.

LEARN – Knowledge makes everything easier

Never stop learning, never stop being curious, always get involved to grow : these are lifelong tasks and heart statements for us; growing our knowledge enables us to address any issue and to make difficulties clear, both at work and in our day by day life.

DIFFERENCES – Simplicity and complexity need each other

Me and Maurizio are necessary and complementary to each other, since we are different we approach photography and the world in a different way, we are rational and creative,  simple and complex at the same time, but we always end finding a solution!

CONTEXT – What lies in the periphery of simplicity is definitely not peripheral

We believe that a simple product is more effective and pleasant from an aesthetic point of view, but even the tiniest of details is important to us, since it makes any of our albums a precious object.

EMOTION – More emotions are better than less

In life, but specially in your wedding day, don’t be afraid to : smile, laugh, cry, hug, tighten, dance, sing … do anything that makes you feel free and alive … and you will make happy even your photographers!

TRUST – In simplicity we trust

It’s really like that!

Remove everything that is not needed and keep around you, inside you, only what makes you feel good. The superfluous will not help you, and on the other side, bring with you only what matters : you will never get fooled and  you will never lose.

Daniela Demichele

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