Sometimes a long chain of events bring you to work in places or circumstances you never imagined. This story is the result of the unpredictability life often surprises us with. It ‘s the story of how by chance I found myself, together with Daniela, to be a stage theater photographer for one day. But let’s rewind the tape and see where it all started.

In 2014 we moved to a new house, on the northern side of Florence, starting to attend “San Martino a Brozzi” community. In San Martino, we met many people now gathered in the theatrical fellowship “Spirito Vivo”. And what a surprise to find ourselves welcomed as if we have always been part of their family.

The Fellowship

People from the fellowship “Spirito Vivo” are very different, ranging from young boys and girls, to fathers and mothers. Not to forget even the “otherwise young guys”, the older ones. And you can not help but notice, the genuine and healthy desire to be together. The desire to build something true in an era in which everything dissolves into ephemeral social relations over the web. You can feel there is a special glue underneath , call it friendship, call it fraternal love, call it faith. And even more weird as it may sounds, everyone cooperates to the success of the others. From those covering a leading role, up to the minor characters. There is no pressure, there is no competition, there is no first-run hysteria.

The Show

Last year, we attended another musical by “Spirito Vivo” and the improvement they made with this new work, really impressed us. “Spirito Vivo” is not made up of professionals, but not less “Tra cielo e terra” (‘Between heaven and earth’), a story in music about the life of St Anthony from Padova, stands out for costumes, choreography, audio and lights technical components. On the other hand, you can not remain cold even in front of the excellent vocal and interpretive performances from the actors on stage. Almost two hours and half of a really enjoyable show.

Theater Photography

The director asked us if we could cover one of their show, as a non-profit job. So we accepted this assignment with joy, aware that we would also face some challenges. In other words, to obtain a proper exposure while on stage first, and then the color correction during post production, have been more difficult than expected! Thankfully, the experience we grown during our wedding workflow, has greatly facilitated the task of capturing real “moments” and the subtlest expressions of the actors, singers and dancers on stage. Neverless, theater photography remains a difficult practice. You are always working almost in the dark or in very low light conditions. To further complicate the whole, you need to fight LED light projectors and their terrible magenta or blue cast over skin tones.

Below you will be able to go through our work, but above all, the work of  “Spirito Vivo” fellowship. Thanks guys, with you we always feel … at home.

Maurizio Mannini

The Show: “Tra Cielo e Terra”
Theater: Teatro del Sodo – Florence
The Fellowship: “Spirito Vivo”
Director: Fabrizio Fabbri

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