Being inquisitive is part of our DNA, and what better way to satisfy curiosity than to travel?

And if you’re in love with photography, often the desire to explore the world will go hand in hand, traveling will be a natural need, and taking travel pictures a necessity.

For us, a travel is enrichment, we like to enter on tiptoe in places we do not know, we like to try to understand and engage with other cultures, distant or nearby ones. Travelling for us means to open up to others, to learn something different from us.

With our photographs we try to precisely convey this curiosity, showing the place for what it is, with its beauty and its contradictions. Each shot needs to tell a story, it must communicate something;  the silence of a landscape or a single little detail need to bring you something you will be able to feel inside.

Travel and wedding photography

When you travel and you’re surrounded by new things, everything looks beautiful and it’s hard to “choose” what to photograph, the best thing is to get carried away by your eyes or feelings and, like magic, your subjects will start to call for you photographs : a color that hits you over another, a tree captures your attention, a person is really against the wall that you was interested in… It’s up to you to find the correct or the more attractive framing, to make the most of the emotion that you felt while taking a picture.

And as I write, it’s funny to realize that with the same curious approach and the same emotional enthusiasm with which we love to travel and take home memories, we like to attend and take pictures at your wedding. Like a travel, we look and get involved in your day, trying to grasp an emotion or an important moment,  telling your story … with our eyes.

Daniela Demichele


Pretty greeat post. I simply stumbled pon your weblog and wanted tto say thatt I have really loved browsing your weblog posts.
After all I will be subsdcribing for your rss feed and I am hoping you
write once more soon!

Thank you very much, we are glad you found our posts interesting. We are trying our best to keep consistent in releasing new articles and ideas to share with others.
We visited your Facebook page : your work is amazing !

We are proud to have you among our followers !

Maurizio and Daniela

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