This time of the year our work is in full swing and fortunately thanks to our brides, we are able to discover new locations, churches and landscapes and even better, these locations and churchs reflect our brides’ personality.

Tuscany wedding – Gropina and its church

It’s so exciting to discover how everyone is able to put himself in everything he does!

On June 13th, we were proud to share wonderful moments full of emotion with Irene and Lorenzo. They were married in the heart of Tuscany countryside, specifically in Loro Ciuffenna, in the beautiful church of Gropina.

This Romanesque church, resting on a previous ancient building (around 470 AD), probably owes its name to the Etruscan “Krupina”, which means village.
This church has really impressed us for her simple, direct and clean style, no frills, a real mirror of our couple : smiling and true!

For their creative shots we didn’t go too far … everything was so incredibly evocative in the nearby …
A simple stone wall has been enough for our backdrop, bringing out the true side of our bride and groom.

A walk through olive groves and Tuscany countryside … you will never get anything better and simpler than that !

Daniela Demichele


[…] A lovely look, a spontaneous smile, a stolen moment of complicity and intimacy, are the elements we love in this photo, and that’s what we always try to capture, in any of our pictures. Irene and Lorenzo were married in Loro Ciuffenna, in the countryside, the heart of Tuscany, in the beautiful Pieve di Gropina. […]

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