details for wedding in tuscany

In our language, the common usage of the word “detail”, often stands for something small or insignificant; on the contrary, in any wedding event, details add great value, and from a photographic perspective, they are often the ones who make the difference.
That said, for us as wedding photographers in Tuscany,  details are far away from being only… details!

Every bride we met, each in his own way, has invested a fortune in terms of time and money, in their quest for accessories that would make their event unique, special and above all, personal.

We speak of flowers, carefully arranged in amazing compositions, with their colors often matching those from other items in wedding.
We speak of bridesmaids floral wrist bands, of jewel decorations for men, of those tiny packages to contain rice or petals to throw at the bride and groom, of place cards on the tables, of tableau de marriage, not to mention favors or finger food appetizer.

Wedding details, main actors in the album

Even from a photographic point of view, details play a crucial role in any wedding. Inside a photo album it is usually pleasant and always welcome, to put some pages with pictures of these details, interspersing  portraits or reportage moments: details properly describe the context in which every wedding story takes place, and we can not do without them in our storyboard, in the script that guides the creation of each of our wedding albums.

We always smile when brides or grooms, during any delivery appointment,  tell us: “…really ? These things were in our wedding ? …  We don’t even remember of them !”
That’s the reason why we feel right to put details in front of the stage, carefully photographing them and making them protagonists of some pages.
This way, they will not get lost in your memory and you will be able to remember your most important day !

Daniela Demichele

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