We wake up early, for the short trip towards the lake for this wedding in Bracciano. It is 01 May 2019, labour day, but we are happy to be operational, for the two days of celebration that awaits us. Angela and Claudio are a special couple. And special is the long friendship that binds me to Angela. We shared so many days, during our previous professional lives. The meeting point, for us and all guests, is fixed at the Antico Borgo di Sutri, near Viterbo. Here, the families from Tuscany and Calabria, will gather for the eve dinner. And right from the first moment, it turned out to be a party in the party.

Although the sky reserves us a very strong storm as a welcome, we are immediately delighted by the warmth and joy of the friends and families of the spouses. Even if we meet them for the first time, they do not fail to make us feel at home. Evening runs quickly, amid the laughter of the children, toasts and intense emotions. And accompanied by the notes of the piano, waiting for next morning wedding, adrenaline increases and…the alcohol level as well, and our groom cannot escape the whirlwind of toasts in which he is involved in.

On the shores of the lake – A wedding in Bracciano

And after a very short night, we gather for having breakfast together, where Claudio seems in good shape, recovered from the wine of the previous evening. Memory cards are still smoking when we find ourselves on the shores of Bracciano lake. Today sun is shining and the view of the lake from Tenuta San Liberato is breathtaking. The location is amazing: a small farmhouse for the couple to get ready, an ancient Romanesque chapel for the religious ceremony, a park and a green area that are every photographer’s dream.

As many times remarked in our stories,  in our hearts weddings are not made of details or luxury, but of people. We love to photograph real people, with their stories, their successes and falls, their families and friendship bonds. And sometimes we weave tiny strings, even in just two days, binding us for the rest of our lives. Thank you very much Angela and Claudio, many thanks to your friends and your families, you are and will remain in our heart.

Maurizio Mannini

Eve dinner: Antico Borgo di Sutri
Ceremony and Reception: Tenuta San Liberato
Bridal gown: La Luna Nuova Atelier
Bouquet and Origami: Papier Traume
Flowers: Flower House
Catering: Apollinare Catering
Make Up Artist: Halya Ilardi
Music: All Right Mama
Dog sitter: Just Married Wedding Dog

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