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To get gorgeous for your wedding, a well made wedding MakeUp is a must, and you need to consider hiring a professional Makeup Artist (MUA), that will make you look beautiful and ethereal, without creating the so-called “greasepaint”.

Bridal MakeUp has to last for many hours, enduring heat, tears and kisses, remaining almost intact until the end of the evening, and despite all of this, it needs to be light.

In your wedding day, please avoid self made makeup ūüôā

Unfortunately, I often hear of brides who plans to have a self made wedding makeup or who rely solely on a friend with no specific experience, perhaps driven by the many television programs or by the many online tutorials, that let you believe a good MakeUp is so easy to achieve!

My thoughts, as a women before being a make-up artist, are always about the emotions you will experience on your wedding day, about the tension and the excitement, and about the perfection that everything will need to have.

Thinking about this, I would like to advise you not to load of this responsibility your closest friend, since she will be already excited enough for you. Moreover, don’t try to do it all by yourself, since you’ll probably be a bit more nervous than usual on your wedding day.

Since your MakeUp will be under the eye of each of your guests, and even your photographs will keep its memory forever, you will probably be more serene if you will not need to take care even of this task.

Hiring a professional MakeUp Artist for your wedding day, you can relax without having to worry too much about this topic. Your MakeUp Artisti will take into account all the details, considering your hairstyle, your wedding dress, your ceremony and of course, your tastes and habits. Your MakeUp Artist will concentrate and mix the best of your marriage details, making you radiant,  the center of your reception.

When you will look at your wedding pictures in thirty years, how would you like to see you again?

giulia pagliai makeup artist in florence, tuscany - italy
Giulia Pagliai

Thanks¬†to¬†Giulia Pagliai, MakeUp Artist in Florence, for sharing her tips¬†in this article. Discover more about Giulia’s MakeUp, visiting her¬†Facebook page.
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