There are couples and weddings, so beautiful the first and so full of moments the seconds, that they would not need a great photographic knowledge to be told: this is the story of Maria Chiara and Matteo’s wedding.

We met the couple at the end of September 2017. They were addressed to us by my cousin Roberto (take a ride on his website, he’s among the best interpreters of glamor photography). The relationship with Maria Chiara and Matteo was immediately relaxed and cordial, with a mutual understanding from the very first moments.

Our work with them has been all downhill. Their wedding was a crescendo of positive moments. From the relaxed preparation both in the bride parents house and with a young couple of friends from Matteo, to the religious rite in the Church of San Lorenzo alle Rose in Impruneta (Florence), up to the reception in Montaione, at the restaurant “Il Lago”.

Let me draw a report card with a football flavor, for the actors who made this wedding special. What I’m about to write is well documented in the photos that we bring you further down.

Parents: 7 and 1/2

The parents of the spouses, were among our best subjects. Always smiling, ironic and easygoing, never tense or nervous, accomplices and happy with the spouses. And at the end of the day, they were the soul of the dances!

Friends: 8

Always present, warm (even with us!), noisy and lively, but never vulgar, the real driving force of the party.

Bride and groom: 10

Promoted with full marks. They have lived their most beautiful day in lightness, without unnecessary worries or apprehensions. Free to be themselves even in front of our lenses.
“We do not know how to stand or what to do while shooting”, they told. “Be simply the real you”, we replied. What a pleasure to cull all of these images, we had such a wide range of good pictures to choose among. Well done .

Thank you guys, we always want to tell stories like this !

Maurizio Mannini

Bride gown : Sogno di Sposa
Groom dress :  Dolce e Gabbana
Floral designer : Catia Wedding Planner
Wedding Cake : Pasticceria Gateau
Reception : Ristorante “Il Lago”

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