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I photograph Florence, I do it constantly, almost obsessively.
I breath her, I live her, I shoot her with my camera or smartphone, subtracting moments of lives that move in its scenery.

My city is definitely one of the most photographed in the world, I would say that there is almost a photo pollution of Florence!

Walking through her narrow streets and squares you breath history, if you move from Santa Maria del Fiore to Piazza Signoria you can breath art, if you will climb up to Piazzale Michelangelo or San Miniato, you will remain stuck by her vision and her colors.
In spite of those who would like to transform her in a museum city, frozen in the glory of her Renaissance, the city today is more alive than ever and projected forward, with contradictions and difficulties, but also with the turmoil of a thousand ideas, of hard working young people, doing business and arts and, not least, making photography.

Wedding Photographer Florence – History of Photography

If you think of Florence, Brunelleschi dome immediately comes to your mind, but few know that here was also founded the oldest photographic firm, the oldest “photo studio” in the world: it was the year 1852 when the brothers Leopoldo, Giuseppe and Romualdo Alinari started their photographic journey, the first company to be admitted to serve Louvre and Vatican Museums for photography.

If you are a photography enthusiast, and you are planning a trip in Florence, you can not fail to visit the “Alinari National Museum of Photography“, in Piazza Santa Maria Novella which we hope will re-open its doors shortly, since at this stage is under renovation.

Florence for the day of your wedding

Few destinations in Italy and in the world, can offer so much in terms of resources and opportunities to organize your wedding. Florence is one of the very few cities that can offer, at levels of the highest excellence, all the services and resources to organize a perfect wedding.

From any of the goldsmiths in the city you can select your exclusive rings, any of the hundreds of tailors and ateliers will make the dress of your dream, in one of the myriads of villas and castles surrounding the town you will be able to celebrate your party; not to mention the thousands of catering professionals and the incredible local cuisine, you will delight your guests with.

She, Florence, will frame your emotions, will be discreet and romantic or boisterous and exuberant, an ideal backdrop for your photographs, images that will preserve the memory of the beginning of your family forever.

I forgot, I did not say… but in Florence, you will be able even to find an amazing photographer that will tell a story, your story!

I photograph Florence …

Maurizio Mannini

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