There is a curious link between our business as wedding photographers and the city of Fucecchio, few kilometers away from Florence. Although I was born and lived in such a short distance, I completely ignored the existence of the Palio delle Contrade. In 2013 we shot a service for a couple from one of Fucecchio districts (or Contrada as they named), having our first contact with the Palio, that is not just a local folkloristic event, but a real social glue.

The life of any Contrada, with its religious and not religious rites, with its dinners and its parties, is animated by the active participation of all the inhabitants of the areas near Fucecchio, from children to older ones, from families, to young people and couples that matter the most for us. And any couple, always bring the Palio, the colors of their Contrada and the warmth of their friends and relatives, within their wedding. And what you breathe, is a healthy desire to be together, a deep sense of belonging that never derails in struggles or fanatical rivalry, we have seen many people from different Contrada join together and rejoice at weddings. In short Fucecchio, its Contrade and its Palio, but above all its people, got a special place inside our hearts.

Fiorella and Luca, the bride and the grrom of this story, at the time of writing, are the captain and treasurer of the noble Contrada of Sant’Andrea, true protagonist with them, of the whole day of this wonderful winter wedding celebrated in December. After the ceremony in the collegiate of San Giovanni Battista, we took the streets holding the bridle of Melantò de Aighenta, a beautiful mare once owned by Luca, then moving to Palazzo della Volta, home of the Indro Montanelli Foundation (Indro Montanelli is one of the most influencial giornalist from Italy during the last century) and headquarters of the Contrada, with its majestic halls and the top view on the Cassero tower.

The party continued with lunch at the restaurant “Il Lago” in Montaione, with dances and emotions flowing, literally ending with a bang and fireworks. And we can not wait to tell new stories of other couples and other Contrade from Fucecchio and its Palio!

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Maurizio Mannini

Bride gown/Groom dress : Le Spose di Mori 
Floral designer: Elena Mainoldi Floral Designer
Music: Restauro Band
Reception: “Il Lago” Restaurant

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