wedding photography in tuscany and florence

Saying photography is like saying art or music, all of them are large containers of infinite possibilities, multiple genres and styles.

When you make photography, art or music, you have to choose between so many opportunities and infinite shades, you must understand why follow a path over another. We love weddings, we truly believe it’s a complete way of doing photography, both from a technical point of view than from a creative perspective.

Wedding photography is a complete way of doing photography

Our style is mainly reportage oriented, seizing any moment, always observing and trying to create interesting shots, freezing strong emotions in every picture we make. Every wedding is reach in details and situations, which the newlyweds wanted so passionately: everything must be photographed and reported in the best way, taking care of every detail, from the lights to the cut, from the background to the foreground, with the same care that every bride took in planning her special day.

We are the wedding photographers in Tuscany

In our wedding reportage, we always include a creative portrait session, in which we control and choose the most suitable light, paying the utmost attention to the composition and to the scene, driving our spouses in a spontaneous interaction, that returns all their joy and their beauty. Wedding photography means even to care about albums design, we always customize for each married couple, creating an unique and personal piece of art.

But at the end of the game, what has guided our choice, it’s dealing with people, sharin with them, such an important day of their lives. Nothing is worth more than the satisfaction of delivering our work on a printed album, being able to perceive and experience the joy in the eyes of every bride, knowing that that object, our album, will help to keep alive the memory of that day for years to come.

Daniela Demichele

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