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In our wedding photojournalism experience, we discovered that to achieve beautiful photographs, the most important thing is to be present in every moment of the event,  never being intrusive at the same time, ever.

We don’t want to monopolize the day in any way, turning it into a set where the photographers rule the schedule. We strongly believe that you as newlyweds are the main actors of your wedding day, along with your parents, families and friends : we only need to be ready to seize the emotions and any unique moment.

Wedding Album – Perfect balance of wedding photojournalism and creative portrait

It is not by chance that we chose the name SenzaPosa (“No Pose” in english…), since we prefer to take wedding reportage shots, saving those unique and important moments any bride and groom will live throughout the day. On the other hand, we also believe that to get a good wedding album, to make it complete and varied, even “creative portraits” are extremely important.

We call this way those shots where bride and groom are aware of our presence, these are partially guided photographs in which we ask the couple to interact, stimulating actions and reactions that generate true and genuine emotions, creating opportunities and real content for memories that will remain in time. None of our married couples are usually formed by professional models, so a little help from our side, it is usually welcomed and requested. This creative portraits session, is usually completed in about 40 minutes, arranging with the couple what is the best moment to have it in their wedding day, cutting out an intimate moment for them, to realize what they have just celebrated, away from the emotional vortex surrounding them.

So here’s our formula: let’s make room to reportage photographs, during all the event, from dressing up to reception, to seize every moment and your every emotion. But let’s make room to guided creative portraits too, to represent you in all the brightness, joy and beauty of your most important day!

Daniela Demichele

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