If I need to speak about what we commonly call “good guys”, I need to speak about Sara and Andrea. And as professional photographers, having young, beautiful and brilliant customers, is definitely a great starting point. If I look at the pictures we took for Sara and Andrea, I tell myself this it is the service I would have wanted for my wedding with Daniela. Without a doubt we are still facing a galaxy of improvements, but this particular wedding story, to date best expresses our photography.

This wedding story is so dear to us, for the long time friendship with Andrea, as well for the places where it was celebrated.

Sara and Andrea married in Florence, in the church of San Biagio a Petriolo, the same crime scene, where ten years ago, me and Daniela told our “Yes, I do”. For us it has been a home match. The long list of common friends we share with Sara and Andrea, offered us tons of moments and strong emotions.  We have been able to catch smiles and tears of joy. We have photographed intense hugs and complicit looks, along to children’s many funny moments.

Special Mention

We can not help but make some mentions. The first one is for Sara’s wedding dress, a true masterpiece, tailor made by her mum: incredible! The second goes to the light Villa Demidoff gifted us with. A bit of luck never hurts, on a day that had started in rain during the getting ready. However, the results we achieved in the portrait session, must be attributed to Sara and Andrea trust. They have diligently followed us, literally climbing the hills of Pratolino inside their formal clothes.

Villa Lo Sprocco

Last in order of appearance, but not of importance, the reception. I has been a first time for us. Villa Lo Sprocco is a discovery that we highly recommend to anyone who wants to plan a wedding in Scarperia, Tuscany. We found a beautiful garden, with a breathtaking view of the Mugello countryside, without forgetting the elegance of the setting and the excellent level of the dishes offered.

The final seal for our service: almost two hours of dance floor and pure fun!
Thank you guys, we will keep the memory of this day for all the years to come!


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