One of the groom’s witnesses, during his speach, managed to express in a few words, the essence of this winter wedding.
Katarina, a blonde, tall, beautiful Swedish woman; everything an Italian man could dream of. Dimitri, an intelligent and sensitive Italian man; everything a Swedish woman could ever want. Two people who represent the mutual dream of a great love. And we clearly felt this love, in front of our cameras. And photographing great and sincere emotions, is what we will never be tired of.

Winter wedding in Fiesole – Villa Montefiano

A beautiful winter wedding, celebrated in Fiesole, with its breathtaking view of Florence. And even Villa Montefiano, the elegant reception venue,  greatly helped to make this wedding magical. It was an early December cold day, warmed up by great feelings, lyrical music and wild dances able to involve the guests of all ages. And we have been lucky enough, to get tons of photo opportunities to catch during this event, to remember the day even in its tiniest moment. From this wedding, we will remember the moment Katarina’s father saw her wearing the white dress for the first time. And even in his Swedish self-control, he couldn’t help to betray strong emotions. We will remember the moving voices from singers who performed in church and at the reception. We will remember all the sincere and affectionate speeches, that relatives and friends made during dinner.

But wait a minute…after the cake’s cut, the party completely transformed. From a cozy and elegant atmosphere, we found ourselves in a whirlwind of joy, a desire to have fun by all the guests. And even if the language was not the same, even if generations were different, music has united everything and everyone with its magic. And after all, this evening could have never ended for us.

Church: S.Domenico Convent – Fiesole
Reception venue: Villa Montefiano

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